Nike Track Clinic

Tim Reilly

University of Washington

UW’s Coach Reilly has had a massive impact on pole vault development in the Pacific Northwest over four decades. Since retiring from teaching high school in 2014 and devoting his time fully to the establishment of his Northwest Pole Vault club, Reilly’s influence has exploded exponentially both nationwide and worldwide. No further evidence is needed beyond the success of sisters Hana and Amanda Moll, who are the top U20 vaulters in the world today. 

Reilly is the only coach in history to have produced two 15-foot+ high school females and the only junior coach to produce multiple U.S. record-setters (A. Moll, H. Moll, C. Cunliffe). He has coached an incredible six prep girls over the 14-foot barrier when no other coach has exceeded three. His athletes have won seven national championships and multiple age-group golds, and have dominated national podiums. At the 2022 Nike Outdoor Championships in Eugene, his women’s vaulters finished 1-2-3-6. This past summer, Junior World Champion Hana won the bronze at US outdoors, was the youngest US world team member and the youngest athlete ever to make a world final with a record smashing 4.65m performance, leading her to a top 10 world finish.  Never one to keep his methods secret, Reilly is also one of the most prolific PV clinicians/presenters in the USA, sharing his teaching methods on videos, webinars, podcasts and state clinics like the Nike Clinic.